No one is governing MOE. However, there is a need to establish policies related to MOE. Therefore, we intend to address this through a decentralized MOE DAO.

  • Bloakchain: Ethereum

  • Wrapped MOE CA: 0x08C7Bf59353a42c143D014D95c8fcaa4cD9bc38D

  • Timelock Controller CA: 0x38445186B6a93f262E4791219bD5e17EE760A9aF

  • Governor CA: 0x37bb7Ac5aeD49C8bE56cABA39aad54f1e3D1dE9D

  • Testnet Wrapped MOE CA(Sepolia): 0x9BB92c32Dfbd953b4D340532d06e1C5E9a86561B

  • Testnet Timelock Controller CA(Sepolia): 0xa6877B3Ea26105e4A60c1B463a934Ef23D24d6c8

  • Testnet Governor CA(Sepolia): 0xA05E8afD38AFbAb9702038E7B4a408FA43F127BE

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